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SF must condemn IRA's horrific past

The IRA's confirmed involvement in the brutal murder of Kevin McGuigan is creating a credibility problem for Sinn Fein, given its mantra that the IRA has left the stage and isn't coming back.

But whatever about the IRA's shadowy existence after the stake of peace was driven through its murderous heart a generation ago, there is certainly one step that Sinn Fein could now take that would kill off the remaining cancer cells of so-called "armed struggle".

That is to issue a statement renouncing, not only the shootings and bombings, the abductions and "informer executions" that "went wrong", or were not authorised or had unintended consequences, but the entire IRA campaign.

With Sinn Fein possibly poised to play a role in the formation of the next Irish government, it could do itself and the political process a huge favour by formally conceding that the "armed struggle" should never have happened in the first place and was morally wrong from start to finish.


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