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SF must do more than condemn

ALL right-thinking people have condemned the murder of prison officer Adrian Ismay. His family's suffering is made even greater by his alleged killer, Christopher Alphonsos Robinson, calling for a second post-mortem examination on his body and republican prisoners openly glorying in Mr Ismay's passing. No family should have to suffer so much.

Prominent Sinn Fein members condemning this murder lack compassion if the phrases that roll easily off the tongue are not followed by actions.

The "new" behind-bars republicans gain encouragement when "old" but free republicans ring out hollow phrases after each terrorist atrocity.

Sinn Fein's ongoing glorification of horrific terrorist actions, lauding IRA gunmen and bombers as heroes, is a major part of the problem.

Sinn Fein has responsibilities in this matter far beyond mere condemnation.


MLA for East Belfast

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