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SF not fooling anyone with its tactical brinkmanship

THE saying "you can't fool all of the people all of the time" springs to mind as I watch Sinn Fein wriggle and manoeuvre before the next round of electioneering.

It was disturbing to read recently about the $500-a-plate US fundraiser, where Sinn Fein was happy to rewrite history, claiming singular ownership of the peace process. In its pursuit of funds for 'the party', it has no compunction in exploiting the tragedy of innocents. How ironic and perverse that, while actively undermining the Sunningdale Agreement, some 2,500 tragic deaths later Sinn Fein signed up to the (less favourable) Good Friday Agreement.

And since, as it sought respectability, it stole the political clothes of the SDLP. Remember the derogatory terms used by Sinn Fein to denigrate them? Well, it is now apparent that the SDLP political position has been vindicated and it has remained constant in pursuit of a solution which can unite Catholic, Protestant and Dissenter.

Integrity, trust, equality and economic success are the pillars on which to build a future for all our children. These values are not evident in the ranks of Sinn Fein.

Why is it that moderate unionists still do not trust Sinn Fein? Why does business not regard it as having economic credibility? Could it be Sinn Fein is happy to maintain this status, because it thrives on the exploitation of societal deprivation and sectarianism.

So, please - no more rhetoric, with pledges and red lines that disappear when expedient. Political parties should be measured not on what they say, but what they deliver.


Killyleagh, Co Down

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