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SF now out of touch with own community

So, let me see if I have this correct.

Gerry Kelly, Sinn Fein MLA, who doesn't live in Ardoyne, is happy to allow several hundred other people who also don't live in Ardoyne (to include loyalists, Orange Order members and kick the Pope bands) to march/parade along the Crumlin Road past the shops, nationalist homes and the Dales, but, conversely, is unhappy and opposed to the people who actually live in Ardoyne from marching/parading along the same route to express their opposition to the facilitation of sectarian marches?

The camp at Twaddell was initiated to put pressure on wider society to accept a parade being forced up the road against the wishes of the majority of people of Ardoyne. In this, it succeeded - aided and abetted by Sinn Fein.

Sinn Fein have been consistent in their approach to parades: talk to the residents' groups and we will accommodate you. And that's borne fruit.

Sinn Fein now appear to have more in common with the DUP and UVF in our bright, new, shiny, inclusive Northern Ireland than they do with members of their own communities.

Watch what they do - not what they say.



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