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SF right to protest at Army march

It was been reported last week that the UDA-linked UPRG spokesman Frankie Gallagher is concerned that Sinn Fein’s protest against members of the RIR holding a homecoming parade from their recent tour of Afghanistan may harm community relations.

I believe that Sinn Fein are within their rights to hold a protest on this occasion.

Effectively, the British Ministry of Defence is asking everyone here to welcome on to our streets a regiment of the occupying British Crown forces in Ireland who, under Operation Banner during the Troubles, performed the dual role of acting as back-up to the RUC, while at the same time some members were allegedly assisting loyalist paramilitaries in murdering innocent Catholics.

Aside from that, if Frankie Gallagher is so concerned about community relations and ‘Sinn Fein’s confrontational methods’, maybe he could look a bit closer to home and analyse his own community’s contribution to the sectarian strife and division that has existed between both communities here.

I’m referring to the never-ending marching season every year, the coat-trailing triumphalism, the bonfires with their burning effigies, the flags and bunting on public thoroughfares, the intimidation, the erection of arches in shared areas and so on.

The hypocrisy is unbelievable.



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