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SF set to profit over Stormont stand-off

Sinn Fein's continued absence from Stormont is a masterstroke of political timing. While their reasons for not re-establishing the failed Stormont project may differ from mine, it's a perfect opportunity all the same.

So long as Tory, neo-liberal Thatcherite austerity continues to destroy what's left of the welfare state, the NHS, the social housing budget and education, Sinn Fein will profit (no pun intended) from their continued refusal to endorse a recidivist, backward-looking, regressive DUP, who are so far behind the rest of us in society, it's embarrassing.

The waiting list for hospital appointments, from first stage consultation to diagnosis to treatment, will continue to lengthen. Home care packages will continue to be constrained, mental health provision underfunded. Food, energy and living costs are all rising, while zero-hour contracts, pensions and benefits remain capped. The misery is only set to continue.

While the Tories are propped up by DUP backwoodsmen and women, society will continue to crumble, racism and xenophobia will increase, as those in need are told to blame refugees and migrants for the failures in social provision that the Government is fomenting.

SF should continue to sit on the sidelines and remain untouched by Tory (and now DUP-delivered) cuts and reap the benefits of a Labour revival, ending austerity, and return to Stormont only when progress is made in equality for all.

Fra Hughes


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