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SF top for raising funds in the US

This proves my point about Sinn Fein. We have pictures of hunger strikers being hung up in the City Hall - people who were encouraged to carry on with a hunger strike that killed them because martyrs were needed for 'the cause'. And now we have Mr Adams, who won't even admit membership of the IRA, hosting and sitting down to £320-per-plate dinners. When is he going to be a martyr to the cause and at least be honest, instead of putting on weight?


Caspercassie: It could be that SF has a better story to tell than the unionist parties, with their history of gerrymandering, a Protestant government for a Protestant people, not a Catholic about the house, No Surrender, Ian Paisley, etc. No surprise, then, that Irish-Americans understood, or encouraged, the IRA campaign and now welcome their efforts in trying to bring peace to this troubled part of the island.


Caspercassie: You know, the one thing I've always wondered is why the Protestant point-of-view hasn't been portrayed in film as much as our point-of-view has: In the Name of the Father, Bloody Sunday, etc. Sinn Fein and the IRA aside, there are hardly any films that show the suffering/hardships of the other community. There are two sides to every story.

Lucky Erinach

Caspercassie: Everyone knows Gerry was involved with the IRA. Brendan Hughes's recordings proved that. He needs to go.

Wee Westy

The reason Sinn Fein is successful with Irish-Americans is partly due to SF propaganda being better than the unionists's. Before condemning all Americans (including Irish-Americans), only a small number of people contributed to the SF coffers. By my calculations, fewer than a couple of thousand out of a population of 300 million.

Tulsa Kid


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