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SF’s attitude to judiciary in the South disgusting

We are in the middle of the general election in the South and as someone who lost my dear sister and, indeed, family life as it was during the Troubles, I find Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein’s attitude towards the judiciary an insult.

They question the judiciary’s integrity when they sit on the bench in the Special Criminal Court — a difficult job, which could put their own life at risk.

I know this only too well, because in 1984 the IRA attempted to murder my father and mother because dad was a member of the judiciary, and succeeded in taking my sister Mary’s life. They murdered members of the judiciary as they left Mass, dropped children to school, as they answered their front door, driving their car home from holiday.

Sinn Fein supported these murders and cited as justification the Diplock court system, so their attitude towards the Special Criminal Court is disgusting. It’s needed because of thugs like the IRA, who are still in existence today.

I hope the electorate open their eyes and remember the controlling and manipulative nature of Sinn Fein when they go to vote.


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