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SF's extortion must be halted by Brokenshire

Under the Secretary of State's watch, Her Majesty's Government turns a blind eye to the extortion extracted daily from the NIO by Sinn Fein. Are we to take it then that the Prime Minister approves of his handling of their demands?

Devolution should be allowed to work and the country allowed to flourish. Executive government can be restored on his recommendation. Mr Brokenshire has the authority to offer to Stormont 'sharing power' on an invited voluntary basis which strikes a fair balance favoured by a majority of MLAs.

Instead of chasing his tail, it is time to focus negotiations on restoring lasting and agreed devolution by a settlement, not the phoney process he seems wedded to.

Mr Brokenshire is mistaken in allowing Sinn Fein to hold to ransom the will of, by far, the greater majority . He urgently needs to switch direction by inviting the DUP, SDLP, Alliance and UUP to form a government.

He has no obligation or excuse for permitting obstruction by Sinn Fein to have the whip hand, when sustainable Government can be secured without them.


Former MLA

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