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SF's Gerry Kelly rages over police driver drama

Obstructing arrest is against the law, Mr Kelly. Argue with a Land Rover and you will lose. Very irresponsible behaviour on your behalf. Never miss a chance to return to the good ol' days, eh?

Rib Tickler

This will be a serious test of the PSNI's impartiality. If this had been during the flag protests the person trying to force the Land Rover to stop would have been arrested. But the PSNI won't dare to annoy Sinn Fein by doing so.


It begs the question: what are politicians doing at a parade? And why obstruct police business?

Cult Creature

The parade had long gone. Perhaps he was waiting in case there was something else that might have offended him later on.


My admiration is for the officer in charge. He was a study of calmness when all about him were screaming and yelling. What went before was a disgraceful display of law-breaking by an MLA.


Gerry Kelly should not be obstructing the police in the execution of their duties. However, let's be clear: the only people responsible for the trouble surrounding the marching season are the marchers themselves. Anywhere else in the civilised world, these vulgar displays of sectarianism would be banned. In Ernest

In Ernest: How can playing hymns be sectarian? How can a hymn offend Catholics, or embarrass Protestants? As for Kelly, I look forward to his arrest for obstruction.


In Ernest: These "vulgar displays" are most certainly not banned anywhere else in the world. Orange parades happen in many other countries.

Rib Tickler

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