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SF's Michelle Gildernew and Gerry Adams' bad language: Is it worse for a woman to swear?

Why is it worse? Because men think that they have a right and us woman don't? Wind your necks in.

Mandy Roulston

A woman can swear as much as a man or as much as she wants. I hardly think gender matters.

Aine Maguire

Swearing happens when people are lost for ways to properly express themselves.

Bill Richmond

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Was taught in school swearing was a sign of a poor vocabulary. Anyone in public life should be able to express themselves eloquently without swearing. And I mean from all political parties!

Jean Owens Nelson

Swearing should be encouraged in politics. People might actually start to talk constructively rather than fiddling around.

Stephen Todd

It's no worse for a woman than a man.

Elizabeth Davey

Most civil servants would be verbally warned if they spoke like this.

John Read

I don't like to see swearing full stop but I think we all accept that it's been something that has been going on from the year dot so it's not so much of an issue.

Richard Barnes

The question should have been is it okay for our political representatives to behave like total idiots, using playground antics to insult each other so as to polarise the electorate in an attempt to gain extra votes come the May election. Sean Mee

What kind of question is that? This isn't the 1950s. Kyle Taylor