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SF's posturing over economy won't fool anyone

So, Gerry Adams tells us in the televised leaders' debates that he believes that Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Labour all "rolled over" for the Troika.

Even after the collapse of the position of Greek political party Syriza in the face of Troika opposition, Gerry Adams - advocating similar policies - maintains the myth that he would have done a better job with the country's finances. He would not have "rolled over", he tells us. There are echoes in these haughty words of his accusations that, during the Troubles, the SDLP "rolled over" to the unionists and the British before the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.

This was an agreement that was based largely on SDLP policies that Gerry Adams signed his party up to. However, we shouldn't be surprised at Sinn Fein's posturing on the economy. They regarded themselves as purists on the north, too, in times gone by.

In fact, the same Sinn Fein tactics were used in the north before the 1998 agreement; posturing, by making demands in absolutist terms like "Brits out", taking up uncompromising and undeliverable positions and then, ultimately, abandoning their entire policy position and falling compliantly in behind the SDLP. Eat your heart out, Syriza.

If it just affected the Sinn Fein party, it wouldn't be too bad. But 15,000 republican prisoners, each serving, on average, eight years during the Troubles, render the recent posturing on economic policies beyond the pale.

There isn't the slightest chance that Sinn Fein will take on the Troika and Gerry Adams knows it.



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