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Shame on NI Railways for lack of access

I have been a regular visitor over many years and enjoyed discovering the rebirth of Belfast and surrounding towns, the new buildings, public spaces and improving transport.

On an Easter ride to Bangor I noticed the lovely new trains lack level access to the platform. How disappointing when you consider there is no obvious reason why this was not delivered.

NI Railways is the only provider of rail transport and presumably had control over the design of the trains and/or modification of platforms. I had to ask the guard and he said even the train ramp supplied was heavy to manage. For those who haven't tried to get a pram or wheelchair off a two-step drop, don't try it.

Such a shame and it didn't need to be so. The London overground was an existing railway brought up to level access and it's a dream for all passengers including those who benefit most from ease of access. I'm sure level access reduces accidents and trips when disembarking.

So I hope whoever signed this service off is reading this in shame – there is no excuse.

Colin Greene


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