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Sheehan distorts truth of the past

In his interview with David McKittrick (News, January 4), Pat Sheehan, the Sinn Fein member and sometime IRA prisoner who has replaced Gerry Adams in the Assembly, states that the IRA did not engage in mass sectarian killing of the type seen in other conflicts thus: "The IRA, for example, if it had wanted to kill Protestants, could have planted a 1,000lb bomb on the Shankill."

It is hard to believe that Mr Sheehan has forgotten that the IRA did bomb the Shankill; the explosive device planted in a fish shop there in October 1993 may not have been 1,000lb in weight, but it still killed nine Protestant civilians.

It is remarkable that a journalist as experienced as Mr McKittrick should have failed to correct his distortions of the truth.




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