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Sheep-like voters to blame for our stuttering peace

I recently had a day in Derry (or do I have to write Derry/Londonderry to be all-inclusive?). I walked past the plaques written by schoolchildren from all over the city and beyond, all wanting to have a shared and peaceful future. How we have failed them.

I crossed the Peace Bridge, built with such hope, and enjoyed the sunshine in St Columb's Park. Here was a statue of a dove of peace, honouring St Colomba of Derry.

All the churches of Derry had written quotations on peace. Most telling was Desmond Tutu's: "If you want to make peace, you don't talk to your friends, you talk to your enemies."

Why do we have to watch our politicians insulting each other and refusing to compromise to produce the shared, peaceful, society? As long as people go on voting for extreme sectarian parties, or stay at home disillusioned, we will not have the peace we need.



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