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Shooting isn't conservation, it's a business

There has been much in the Press recently about the RSPB praising the alleged conservation efforts by some shoots, yet nobody has pointed out that certain initiatives are carried out to provide cover for birds deemed to be suitable for target practice.

More than 50 million pheasants and partridges are mass-produced each year to be shot out of the sky, despite there being little demand for their flesh.

Millions of wild animals labelled as pests, vermin or predators are trapped, snared, poisoned or shot in order to keep 'game' birds alive for shoot season and tons of toxic lead shot is discharged into the environment.

The shooting industry is not an altruistic conservation movement. It's a money-making business, recognised by the tax regime as 'sport' rather than food production, that exists to enable the killing of birds for pleasure. What kind of enterprise can be good for the environment that callously and deliberately destroys so many other animals?

Fiona Pereira

Animal Aid, Tonbridge

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