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Shops should be allowed to open as it suits them

For the life of me, I just fail to understand the rationale of people who oppose, or wish to restrict, shop opening hours on a Sunday.

As I earned my living in the Merchant Navy, my hours of employment were 24/7; furthermore, written into my contract was to "work when and where required by the Master" (ie the captain of the ship).

In simple terms, while I may have been chief engineer, legally I would be obliged to peel the spuds, or climb a mast, should that necessity arise.

How on earth those who hold their cosseted religious views can still expect to be attended to in their hours of need by those whose employment covers the police, the health service and so many others that serve our community (who all work 24/7) is totally beyond me.

All shops should be free to be open for business 24/7. Society's finance has its limitations; business people will soon decide if it is economic for them to open.

They should not be dictated to by people holding sanctimonious views on how they legally earn their living.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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