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Show humility in PMS debacle

Your leader (February 20) refers to the so-called 'Northern Ireland option' as a means to find a solution to the plight of PMS savers.

It is very appropriate since the problem arose from the failure of a Northern Ireland department to reject the registration of the Presbyterian Mutual Society in the first place, or advise it to register as a credit union.

How would Arlene Foster describe the work of Northern Ireland officials who registered the PMS on the grounds that it was a co-operative society, when their own legislation excludes from the definition of a co-operative society one which 'carries on business with the object of making profits mainly for the payment of interest, dividends or bonuses'?

A little humility would be more appropriate from Northern Ireland Ministers and let us get on with setting up the hardship fund.

Even the Minister might get her money back.




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