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Show us the cost of Irish Language Act


I have long considered myself to be what I call a "secular unionist".

I am not a religious person; my unionism does not have anything to do with religious belief.

As such, I have absolutely no objection in principle to an Irish Language Act, but I suspect that, in common with an awful lot of people, I would like to understand what such an act might entail.

I assume that Sinn Fein and/or the SDLP have costed draft(s) of an Act, ready to bring forward to a new Assembly.

May I respectively ask them, in the interests of a transparent democratic process, to publish their drafts, so that all voters might have the chance to assess their content and their implications for the public purse?

Surely, this is not an unreasonable request, given that this seems to be the major issue that is preventing the re-establishment of the Assembly?



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