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Silence from Free Presbyterianism is deafening

The silence from Free Presbyterianism is deafening; there doesn't seem to be any sign of spiritual life, or else they have taken a vow of silence of late.

After preaching separation for decades, the Free Presbyterian message has altered drastically; the message now appears to be one of compromise and silent acceptance.

Many Free Presbyterians would have been familiar with the sort of message that condemned integration of various denominations in what was commonly called ecumenical apostasy.

Free Presbyterianism claimed to be the voice of Protestantism. Protests were arranged against anything, or anyone, that was non compliant with the Free Presbyterian principles. When the political wing of Free Presbyterianism signed up to the Belfast Agreement, the church stood in abject silence as law-breakers and murderers walked free; there were no protests, there was no voice of opposition from its pulpits.

Silence prevailed, even when the power-sharing Executive was established; lawbreakers stepped into their ministerial offices along with a Free Presbyterian minister; the silence was only broken by laughter as the Free Presbyterian minister fellowshipped with his criminal friends.

Today, the newspapers report that the Free Presbyterian minister is actively engaged in persuading his political colleagues to accept full devolution without delay. Free Presbyterianism is silent in the face of spiritual and political compromise and systematic destruction of Protestantism in Ulster.

Randalstown, Co Antrim


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