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Simple measures can save cyclists' lives

My 27-year-old son came within millimetres of death a few weeks ago, when a car turned across his path while he was approaching on a bicycle. Both car and bike were written off.

He was wearing bright clothing and a fluorescent helmet and his bike was mostly white. Even so, the elderly driver could not, or did not, see him and was subsequently found to have seriously defective eyesight.

Cyclists and their bikes can never be too brightly coloured and illuminated. I despair when I see cyclists in black or drab colours on drab-coloured bikes with few, or no, lights.

A group of cycles went past me a few days ago. All the bikes and cyclists were drab, or black, and devoid of lights. They were very, very difficult to see on a busy main road in daylight.

Why would any person of normal cognitive capacity choose to run such appalling risks? It is not enough to say that it is up to motorists to take greater care.

Compulsory requalification for driving licenses with comprehensive assessment of both cognitive and sensory functions at 60, 65, 70, 75 and annually thereafter must be introduced.

Cyclist's clothing must be made of hi-vis materials and helmets painted likewise, with prominent lights.


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