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Simple solutions to our problems

PREDICTABLY, the Haass talks have failed due, as Richard Haass has said, to the intransigent failure of some parties to compromise and make concessions.

However unpalatable to some or many, the solutions to the problems addressed are glaringly obvious.

Flags and emblems: The nationalist/republican population and their political representatives have conceded by referendum that Northern Ireland should remain part of the United Kingdom until the majority of the population choose otherwise. Therefore the union flag should be flown on the same designated days and at the same designated locations as in the rest of the UK. The flag of the Irish Republic should only be flown in Northern Ireland in circumstances when the flags of other countries can legitimately be flown.

Parades: There should be no sectarian, factional, triumphalist, provocative or contentiously commemorative parades of any description or hue.

The Past: Investigations and prosecutions should continue in the normal course of policing, aided by a completely independent Historical Inquiries Team. Where collusion is strongly suspected it should be assumed on the balance of probability to have occurred and the suspected agency be held liable for redress until proven otherwise.

Dennis Golden


Belfast Telegraph