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Simple way forward on Irish Language Act


I note with interest a letter from TMK (Write Back, November 21), making a simple, but profound suggestion - that a sensible way forward be found on Irish language legislation and an Executive be set up.

Proposals along the lines suggested already exist and have been with the DUP and Sinn Fein for months.

I know, because I drafted them on the basis of meetings with all the other party groups in the Assembly, as well as with cultural groups including the Irish language sector.

In fact, the proposals do include translation facilities, but only to meet demand; they also include fundamental rights and protections for those who cherish the language, but without compulsion on those who take no interest.

They are aligned to other proposals, outlining how mutual respect for the expression of different linguistic and cultural identities will be assured and maintained.

All that is required now is a little courage from the two parties to make that step forward and deliver on those proposals and thus enable the rest of us to get back to issues around health transformation, education reform and job creation, which impact on everyone's daily lives.


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