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Simple-minded 'bigots' would like answers

Jane Graham (Life, May 24) and Grace Dent (Comment, May 24) sure are worked-up about those "insular and conservative grown-ups" and "bigots" who won't join them as cheerleaders for those who are intent on "modernising" society (whatever that means).

Do Jane and Grace not understand that others – of faith and no faith – have convictions, too, and that faith is not always reducible to "God, I find men having sex with men disgusting."

While Jane and Grace appear happy to be "modernised", some "bigots" are still conscientiously wrestling with the concept of same-sex "marriage" being equivalent to "normal" marriage.

This can, of course, be normalised by the appropriate legal procedure, but the physiological incompatibility and the essential impossibility of any progeny remain, seemingly to contradict the pattern of natural law, never mind any biblical prohibition.

Do I detect residual bigotry in Grace herself, in her response to the views of Sir Gerald Howarth?

She betrays an uneasiness with the tourists

homosexual community being identified with any "mad law" to enable dog-marrying. Why is this?

Is it too modern a concept? Are minority sexual predilections less valid than those in vogue? What would the philosophical, or moral, basis for that be?

Many "bigots", who may indeed be simple-minded, surely deserve some coherent thinking to help lead them into an understanding of the new morality?


Newtownards, Co Down

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