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Simplistic to say the Holocaust was foreseeable

I WOULD agree with Dr Kevin McCarthy that "if any German citizen had read (Mein Kampf), the blueprint for Jewish extermination was clear for all to see", (Write Back, July 27).

But I doubt if anyone except the most rabid anti-Semites took its contents seriously - even if they managed to wade through its turgid prose.

Even German Jews considered Nazi anti-Semitism to be merely a political device to attract mass support and treated street attacks on Jews as mere "skinhead thuggery", which the movement would suppress once in power.

It was only after Kristallnacht, in November 1938, that they took it seriously, but even then expected nothing worse than the sort of pogroms that had been commonplace in eastern Europe, certainly not systematic annihilation on an industrial scale.

It was the sheer illogicality of making the killing of Jews a priority over their use to help the war effort that made many refuse to believe it was happening until the camps themselves were discovered.

Unfortunately, there still exist deluded people who still believe they never existed and the whole matter is part of a sinister "Zionist plot" to take over the world.


Salford, Greater Manchester

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