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Simply crying 'Islamophobia' misses the point

It was predictable that someone would respond to Colin Nevin's letter (Write Back, December 9) with the 'Islamophobia' accusation and trot out the familiar canard about 'socio-political motivations'. And so Gary Spedding obliged, with this usual Leftie claptrap.

Nevin certainly left himself open to attack with his error that all suicide bombers are Muslim (ahem, Tamil Tigers?), but he had a point.

Muslims account for under a quarter of the world's population, but, according to the US National Counter-Terrorism Center, for about 70% of fatal terrorist attacks (in 2011). Islam really is the common denominator.

Nor will the 'socio-political motivations' response suffice. Islam is as much a socio-political ideology as it is a religious one. But that still does not explain why so much terrorism is Islamic and why it takes the forms it does.

Rather than dismissing critics with cries of 'Islamophobia', it is time the Gary Speddings of this world asked themselves these questions.

And, rather than evading the issue by reference to 'socio-political motivations', they should see what Islam actually teaches its followers. He can start with the Koran, which says to strike terror into the hearts of unbelievers and strike at their necks (8:12).

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