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Sinead should not be the one to cast stones

Regarding the article 'Sinead O'Connor: Pope should visit Ireland and apologise to child abuse victims' (January 4); while I do not condone the recent behaviour of some priests, I find the growing list of hypocritical priest-bashers somewhat nauseating.

Dysfunctional singer Sinead O'Connor, for example, ought to look at her own life and the evil effect she has had on children herself before casting stones at the Catholic Church.

I refer especially to her childish antics in ripping up a picture of the Pope on the TV show Saturday Night Live and by pretending to be a kind of pseudo-priest under the name of Sister Bernadette.

Where the Catholic Church is now undergoing a spiritual purification, the secular world is leading souls toward the dead end of atheism.

If Sinead would renounce her foolish 'Sister Act' and climb aboard Peter's Barque it would prove her safe haven in these troubling times.


Hamilton, Ontario


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