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Single identity is the key to a stable nation

The Rev Stanley Gamble, at the Orange demonstration in Rossnowlagh in Donegal, called for a dual British/Irish identity to be recognised in the Republic - just as a dual British/Irish identity is recognised in Northern Ireland.

What Rev Gamble fails to understand is that the British/Irish identity in Northern Ireland is a prime factor in its instability.

A stable, peaceful state should have only one citizen identity. In the United States of America the melting pot ensures that there is only one identity - American.

It's true there are Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans etc, but when the chips are down these groups are first and foremost American.

In Northern Ireland one identity of citizens accepts the constitution while another group rejects it. Violence is the outcome as is obvious in recent rioting in Belfast.

In Great Britain there ought to be one British identity. If, however, a new wave immigrant population insists on retaining a different Muslim/Arab identity, inter-communal strife will be the future in Britain as it has been the past in Northern Ireland.

The Republic would be well-advised to retain a single Irish identity and the Rev Gamble should think again.


Co Londonderry