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Sinn Fein alone is to blame for welfare logjam

When the media and trade and business groups comment on the Assembly's welfare reform and budget deadlock, it is disappointing they skirt around placing the blame at the feet of those who created the problems.

Their approach of dishing out collective blame, rather than hold Sinn Fein responsible, is itself irresponsible. Such kid-glove treatment allows Sinn Fein to blame others.

It is increasingly difficult to reconcile Sinn Fein's actions with careful forethought, or with economic sanity. Its cloud-cuckoo-land strategy - that the devolved administrations should beat a path to 10 Downing Street, begging bowl in hand, demanding more money - is dead in the water.

In Dublin, Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon let Martin McGuiness down gently but firmly, telling him she wasn't interested in his last-gasp-type approach.

Perhaps now Sinn Fein will return to the Stormont House Agreement, rather than wasting more time with further fanciful and far-fetched schemes. After all, it did negotiate that agreement and promote it as a good deal.


MLA for East Belfast

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