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Sinn Fein and DUP don't 'get' power-sharing

DOES anyone else get the impression that neither the DUP nor Sinn Fein really understand what is meant by power-sharing?

I get the impression that both parties seem to feel the Assembly is some kind of talking shop, where they will eventually convince their opponents of the 'superior' nature of their own agenda.

The DUP tend to mean some kind of materialist 'superiority' which flies in the face of their claims to be Christian, while Sinn Fein tend to think that their 'superiority' is in the realm of a notional justice that they feel people believe they have in spite of all the indicators to the contrary.

I can only advise that these parties come to a realisation that, as with all man-made conflicts, they are dealing with their equals, bar minor cultural differences.



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