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Sinn Fein are hypocrites for condemning IS atrocities while meeting with Hamas jihadists

letter of the day: Double standards

When one looks back to the 1970s, the links forged between the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) and the IRA make sense.

Both were secular organisations that employed questionable tactics in the hopes of obtaining liberation for their respective peoples. Both were extremist groups and crossed numerous lines when it came to decency and honour, but the philosophical linkages between both seem appropriate.

Sinn Fein's meeting with Hamas representatives (News, November 28), however, is mind-boggling. Hamas is not the PLO. It is an Islamist group that openly states it wants to kill Jews and obliterate Israel. The fact Sinn Fein met with its representatives is offensive.

I recall, in the aftermath of the Brussels bombings, the horror and outrage expressed by Sinn Fein representatives. And, yet, those behind the attacks were born from the same root as Hamas.

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Both are Islamic terrorist groups that deliberately target civilians in an attempt to create and maintain an Islamic theocracy. How is it that Sinn Fein can condemn Islamic State for targeting civilians in their jihadist war, yet find it appropriate to meet with jihadists from Hamas who target Israeli civilians?

Perhaps Sinn Fein representatives feigned shock and horror over the Brussels bombings? Or perhaps they are that blind and ignorant when it comes to the groups they condemn and support?

Either way, the rest of us should take note of their sickening hypocrisy.



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