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Sinn Fein can't be hounded for dissident stand

How many 'Sinn Fein are hypocrites' and 'Sinn Fein must apologise for the past' letters are we going to see in the run-up to the elections? It is becoming tiresome.

I hold Sinn Fein in the same contempt for their approval of/associations with IRA terrorism as I do these dissident outfits. However, we can't keep insisting that, because of their past, they can't condemn acts of terrorism now.

Martin McGuinness and his cohorts are not condemning violence per se; they are condemning violence without due cause.

Sinn Fein contend that IRA terrorism was appropriate at the time and served its purpose, but that their cause is now best served by peaceful, political means.

Thus, they desisted from violence for strategic reasons and certainly not because of some moral epiphany. Terrorism now, as they see it, is not only unjustified and inappropriate, but hugely counterproductive.

So, whatever else we level at Sinn Fein because their condemnation of these dissidents is not based on morality, it is not hypocritical. And if they were to apologise for past deeds, it would be totally disingenuous.




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