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Sinn Fein double standards need to be challenged

THE flying of the SAS flag in Loughgall is a reminder of the success of the brave SAS operation at Loughgall.

It is a reminder that this was the day the cowards of the IRA's east Tyrone brigade were eventually stopped in their bloodthirsty, murderous tracks, never to cause so much death and destruction against innocent victims of this local area again.

If the SAS had been allowed to really take on the IRA, then atrocities such as La Mon, Enniskillen, Teebane, Claudy and many other IRA murders may well have been avoided and the IRA totally destroyed.

The bloody and wicked actions of the IRA in east Tyrone and across Northern Ireland were more than insensitive and we need to challenge Sinn Fein's double standards.

Micky Brady MP and Sinn Fein have little to do with their time in reporting this to the PSNI.

They should condemn the IRA attack on the police station over 30 years ago as the IRA's actions were intent on killing innocent RUC officers and endangering the lives of local residents.


Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council

Repealing amendment is a vote for 'choice'

A THOUGHT on repeal of the Eighth Amendment.

There is a woman sitting next to you right now, imagine her. She is your workmate, or your sister, or your friend, or the woman who sells you eggs.

She has become pregnant and she doesn't want to be pregnant anymore; she can't afford it, she can't face it, she is not well in herself, she just cannot do it, she has children that she can barely afford, she cannot cope, she can't do it. She's telling you she can't, to your face.

Would you, personally, force her to carry that pregnancy to term against her will? Would you follow her and make sure she stays pregnant when she's crying, shaking or breaking down?

She is telling you that she will not survive it, that she cannot do it. Will you force her to stay pregnant, the woman sitting next to you?

If the answer is no, or close to no, that you couldn't force someone to do something that would endanger their own health then please vote 'Yes'. Please trust women to make choices for their own bodies.

Let's stand on the right side of history and return some respect to the women of Ireland who have had so much taken away from them.

Repealing the Eighth Amendment is not a vote for abortion; it is just a vote for choice. For your choice and for mine and for the woman next to you.



Telling truth should be starting point for all

THE statement by President Trump's latest lawyer, Rudy Giuliani ("I'm focused on the law more than the facts right now"), seems self-contradictory, as surely the law is based on facts, even though politics seems to focus on fake news.

It is time to consider the Ninth Commandment, which basically says "don't lie", rather than the US's Fifth Amendment, which could be read to say: "I don't want to speak in court as the truth may hurt me."

Surely, the truth should be the default approach for all? There are political lies and there are times when it is not always best to tell the complete story immediately, but that is the exception rather than the norm.

Perhaps it is appropriate to reflect on the insight offered by the words of Mahatma Gandhi, "truth never damages a cause that is just", and to ponder on what truths are not being said, or "misspoken", and what damage that may follow.


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Society can help break our many addictions

SINCE social media platforms are using the same techniques as gambling firms to create psychological dependencies, it would be a lucrative opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry to develop a drug that would break the cycle of addiction.

Just think of it: a drug that would counteract habit-forming modes of behaviour and, if universally medicated, benefit societies by freeing them from induced, commercially-motivated impulsions.

However, the drug itself would be a form of dependency. Another way would be to have a mutually supportive, societal belief system.

Unworkable, because creeds and their adherents are open to manipulation? No, individuals and societies will only become truly free when a majority of people individually permit their psyche to recognise and counsel liberation from all forms of insidious bondage.


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