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Sinn Fein has a vision for all of Ireland

According to a discussion paper, Sinn Fein's vision for Northern Ireland after the devolution of justice and policing to the Stormont Assembly calls for the transfer of policing and justice powers to be "accompanied by all-Ireland institutional architecture".

This includes:

* the bringing together of both Irish and British systems of law;

* the creation of a constitutional court for Northern Ireland (which would include judges from the South), leading eventually to a constitutional court which would provide the final adjudication at national level on all constitutional and human rights questions, and;

* the harmonisation of terms and conditions of service "in matters of justice and of policing".

In other words, Sinn Fein seeks to transfer the control of policing and justice to Ireland and not to Northern Ireland. Could this be why Sinn Fein and the DUP are having problems at Stormont?