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Sinn Fein hypocrites aren't standing up for city

I presume, with Martina Anderson swapping the Bogside for Brussels, we will finally see an end to the hypocritical slogan that Sinn Fein is 'Standing up for Derry'.

I hope so, anyway, because no party has done less to stand up for the people of this city.

Sinn Fein have more faces than the Guildhall clock - claiming to be Ireland's leading socialist party and fighting against austerity across the border, but happily waving through wave after wave of Tory cuts in Stormont.

They didn't stand up for Derry when they nodded through the Pensions Bill and the slashing of welfare and did not even bother to send a single Derry representative to the debate on the administrative jobs being taken out of Altnagelvin Hospital. The SDLP did.

They let vicious welfare reform cuts pass through the Assembly without a thought for the high levels of social deprivation and benefit dependency in the city.

They didn't stand up for Derry by decentralising public sector jobs from Belfast, but successive SDLP social development ministers worked to do just that and were the only ones around the Executive table to do so.

When will the people of Derry see through the smoke and mirrors and see that Sinn Fein has no intention of standing up for the people of Derry on the ground, or in the Assembly?

I would rather put my trust in a party that understands the needs of the worst-off.



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