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Sinn Fein ignoring needs of hospitals and schools

Firstly, I join the hundreds of others who, through your pages, have wished the First Minister well in his recovery. Many stand up to criticise him but - like or loathe the man - he has an unrivalled ability, which many may only appreciate when he's gone.

He stands in a league of his own and without him I sense progress in this country would have been immeasurably slower.

The real reason for my letter emanates from the welfare reform debate. Sinn Fein says it wants to help the vulnerable, yet it fails to answer journalists when asked what about the vulnerable who are not on benefits.

An older person waiting on an operation through our health service is vulnerable, but as a result of Sinn Fein's actions, aided by the cowardly and leaderless SDLP, we are paying almost £10m per month in fines to the Treasury.

A recent statement by the Health Minister said that amount per month would pay for 1,800 hip replacement operations. In the time Sinn Fein has been stalling on welfare, that amounts to over 40,000 hip operations.

I just don't understand whom Sinn Fein views as the vulnerable. Schools and hospitals are full of vulnerable people. Yet Sinn Fein is directing money away from these services.

It seems to me that Sinn Fein is more interested in keeping its anti-austerity image in the Republic of Ireland than it is about managing public finances in Northern Ireland.

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Its crazy economic outlook was exposed by Stephen Nolan when its spokesman said the party's key policy was to pay everyone's credit card debt, but its economic illiteracy has now been exposed again. However, it's a very costly exposure.



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