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Sinn Fein is silent on cost of united Ireland

The debate over the merits of Brexit has concentrated on the potential economic implications of leaving the single market and the tariff union.

Sinn Fein has been particularly voluble about protecting the vulnerable. That is fair enough. This party is very concerned that the economic welfare of the citizens of NI might suffer because of Brexit.

Ironically, Sinn Fein ignores the question of sovereignty and the importance of the national right to self-determination.

Even if Brexit involves an economic hit, it is ridiculous for Sinn Fein to campaign against Brexit solely on that basis.

Since the economic consequences of a united Ireland would unquestionably entail great economic hardship, far in excess of Brexit, it seems hypocritical of Sinn Fein, especially after a brutal terrorist campaign, to ignore the importance of sovereignty.

Is it likely that Sinn Fein would reverse its united Ireland efforts because the people of NI, as is certainly the case, would suffer a drop in income?

Ian Craig

NI Conservatives

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