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Sinn Fein misleading voters on truth issue

At the weekend, I picked up Sinn Fein's Remain leaflet. Apart from a number of highly debatable assertions made in it, there was one which is blatantly untrue. It reads: "Ireland out of Europe (sic) means: European Court of Human Rights will no longer apply, which will have serious implications for families searching for truth and justice."

Regardless of whether Britain leaves, or remains in, the EU, it will continue to be a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights.

It will also remain a member of the Council of Europe, founded in 1949.

Therefore, Irish citizens will continue to have the right to take the British Government to the council's Strasbourg court, just as my family, along with the McCann and Savage families, did in 1995 over the killing in Gibraltar in 1988 of our loved ones - Mairead Farrell, Dan McCann and Sean Savage.

To deliberately mislead the people of the six counties on such a crucial issue seems a cynical and callous attempt to frighten people who trust them and families who are seeking truth and justice.

A falsehood of such magnitude must be publicly withdrawn by Sinn Fein.


Oranmore, Co Galway

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