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Sinn Fein must answer Ballymurphy question

I was brought up and educated in north Belfast, then attended QUB and, from 1972 until 1975, I worked in Ardoyne and west Belfast.

Those dark days brought Northern Ireland to the brink of civil war, especially during the madness of the Loyalist workers' strike.

During these years, I switched on the radio (no breakfast TV then) and listened to the list of innocents that were killed the night before - shopkeepers on the Falls, taxi drivers on the Shankill, farmers in Tyrone, or policemen by under-car booby-trap bombs.

There was daily rioting in loyalist and republican areas of Belfast and Derry. During these riots, some people partaking, or just watching, were killed.

In this light, I ask the following question: when did the Ballymurphy Massacre occur? Where was it? In the 70s, 80s, 90s, or 00s?

It is only in this past few years that this name has come to light. There were many bloody massacres during the Troubles - Bloody Sunday, Bloody Friday, Greysteel, Droppin Well, Sean Graham bookies, Omagh, Loughinisland, Kingsmills. I could go on.

It seems to me that the deaths over periods of weeks and possible months have been brought together to infer a massacre. By doing this, it takes away the sense of shock and disgust that should be attributed to the aforementioned true massacres.

In truth, the deaths of these poor people have been cynically hijacked and manipulated by Sinn Fein in their drive to rewrite history.

Many innocent people were killed in riot situations. I would encourage their loved ones to ask questions of the Army and RUC, but also ask Sinn Fein to find out why the IRA used them as human shields.


Portrush, Co Antrim

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