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Sinn Fein must break silence over fracking

Sinn Fein supporters must have been horrified and embarrassed by the photo of Martin McGuinness with Peter Robinson waving to the crowd during the opening of the new visitor centre at the Giant's Causeway.

The centre contains a display on creationism - a concept which Martin, as a Catholic, like most Sinn Fein supporters, would strongly disagree with.

But Martin remained resolutely tight-lipped, in spite of the considerable anger throughout Northern Ireland about the presence of the display.

Is he keeping quiet in the same way as the rest of the Sinn Fein leadership are keeping quiet on fracking in Fermanagh?

Is it because they are hoping to do a deal with the DUP in some other area, perhaps education?

The people of Fermanagh, including their own grassroots, will never forgive them if they sacrifice this beautiful part of the world for their own self-interest.

So please, Martin and the rest of you sitting at the top table, do the right thing.



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