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Sinn Fein must do more to stop attacks

It might appear that, by pointing out the obvious I am being a bit cruel, but if the report in the Belfast Telegraph (April 22) is correct, then Tom Elliott and the UUP's claim that "Sinn Fein will know who are involved in the current round of republican attacks on police officers" is most definitely correct.

From reported interviews, the Belfast Telegraph has been able to confirm what many people have suspected; namely that the Provisional IRA did not destroy all their weapons during decommissioning and that members of the Provisionals - possibly some close to Sinn Fein - remain active.

It must be accepted, though, that there is a difference between knowing who these people are and providing hard evidence to convict them. Yet in all societies, the premise is that law-abiding citizens make available all information which could lead to arrests and prosecutions.

So is Sinn Fein doing this? And has Peter Robinson satisfied himself that his governmental partners are providing all available information? And if not, is he willing to join Tom Elliott and the UUP in demanding that Sinn Fein lives up to these principles?

From the recent leader's debate, the cosy relationship between Sinn Fein and the DUP continues.

At one level, this is to be encouraged. But should this cosy relationship require Peter Robinson to turn a blind eye to nefarious actions of the republican movement, then it makes a mockery of democracy.


Millisle, Co Down


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