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Sinn Fein must reverse McArdle appointment

Like so many others on this island who crave for peace - some of them, like me, with hope for Irish unity - I, too, was disappointed at the appointment of Mary McArdle as an adviser to a Sinn Fein minister - a woman I understand to have been convicted in a heinous murder.

So I ask Sinn Fein: Who was it that made this decision?

What was the rationale behind the thinking? Did the possibility of heaping further trauma upon Mary Travers' family ever enter their thoughts?

It has been recorded, by those in Sinn Fein, that the past is history and we must move on.

Surely to move on, the obvious way to do that would be discreetly to leave behind such people as Mary McArdle?

Are there not many more of her ilk - loyalist and republican alike - who have also contributed similar acts?

Do we want to end up with a government of all sorts of such people? If so, then count me out.

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Building bridges in a divided community towards a peaceful united Ireland is much more important than idolising convicted murderers.

Promoting Mary McArdle to such a position in government (or any other such person, from any quarter, for that matter) is not the way forward.

Everyone makes mistakes in life. This is one faux pas that Sinn Fein has made.

It should be big enough - and strong enough - to reverse it.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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