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Sinn Fein needs to stop eulogising the IRA dead and instead denounce terrorism in all its forms

letter of the day: Political hyopcrisy

Sinn Fein's extolling of the IRA dead only gives grist to the mill for dissidents, who are active in Northern Ireland.

The planting of a bomb at Holy Cross Primary School is all the evidence anyone needs of the need for Sinn Fein to genuinely denounce terrorism - whether it is in the historical context, or not.

Republican leader in Northern Ireland, Michelle O'Neill, was only too proud to give dedications to the IRA dead and, thereby, give weight to the idea that Sinn Fein maintain a military wing.

Sinn Fein have always given us their false denial that they are not the IRA; however, when they honour the IRA at gatherings, the truth comes out.

Sinn Fein continue to insult the victims of IRA violence and go so far as to label paramilitaries as "victims" and "martyrs". The only victims are those who were caught up in republican extremists acts; who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

They brazenly say they are "reaching out to unionists" by these eulogies. What they are telling unionists is reminding them that they have the IRA by their side and believe that wrong is right for political justification.

Sinn Fein want unionists to recast paramilitaries as patriots and forgive terrorism. Democratic unionists should do nothing of the kind.

They should continue to flatly condemn terrorism and those like Sinn Fein, who condone it in their dedications and extolments.

Terrorism is terrorism and sees people being evacuated from their houses on an ongoing basis.

It should be completely condemned in all its forms, not praised in historical gatherings and recast as illustrious and justified.

All democratic parties should be an example for others to follow. Sinn Fein can hardly call themselves democratic when they are allying themselves to the violence of the past and recognising and endorsing illegal organisations by doing so.


Shanbally, Co Cork

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