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Sinn Fein not a Left party at all, Mr Curran

Ed Curran's colourful analysis of the recent Dail election results would not have been out of place in 1950s America (Comment, March 7).

That such nonsense may be perceived by anyone as having validity is truly frightening. Sinn Fein is not a Left-wing political party, but a populist, reactionary republican party - Fianna Fail's upstart younger brother, if you like.

The Irish Labour Party is social democratic in nature, long ago divesting itself of any Left-wing clothes. The United Left Alliance and a handful of Independents openly express and adhere to socialist principles and are the only members of the current Dail who can, with any certainty, be described as 'Left-wing'.

In total, they number less than 10 . . . out of 166. Sleep easy, Ed. Your Red Menance is merely an inconvenience.

Just to be sure, I've already checked under the bed.


Fahan, Co Donegal

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