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Sinn Fein now even more powerless


Wake up, you anti-Brexiteers and realise you have been brainwashed by the EU into surrendering your will, freedom and parliament.

What Germany could not do by force in the Second World War, they now try to do by stealth. Their political allies and proponents are the same Sinn Fein that supported them in the Second World War. Remember how they preached, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"?

Sinn Fein supporters themselves are left with no one to speak for them. They currently have no representation in Westminster, or Stormont (by their own choice) and, thankfully, will soon have no say for Northern Ireland in the EU. Vote for them and you vote for nothing.

A great future lies ahead for the UK and it could be even better were the 26 counties to leave the EU also and rejoin with the UK.

Our blood ties over the centuries are with England, Scotland and Wales and also the USA and Canada. Blood ties to the rest of Europe have mostly been by it being shed there.



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