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Sinn Fein tries to rewrite history of Troubles

Sinn Fein tries to blame the absence of civil rights in Northern Ireland for the IRA murder and ethnic cleansing campaign, which saw them slaughter more than 2,100 people, including many Catholics.

They claim that, if nationalist people had the vote, jobs and housing, IRA terrorists would not have become mass-murderers, or bombers, and are innocent victims of unionist oppression. This is nothing more than an attempt to deflect attention away from their vile killing spree, as well as rewriting history

There were many Ulster Protestants (as well as working-class British people) living in far more deprived conditions in London, Glasgow, Liverpool, or Manchester than northern Catholics, yet they did not resort to mass killings and bombings. The black population of the USA did not carry out a terror campaign to get equality – even though they were infinitely more oppressed by US whites than any northern Catholic.

The main grievances highlighted by the civil rights movement were largely addressed by the imposition of direct rule in July 1972.

If what Sinn Fein now claims is true, why did they continue with their republican blood-lust for a further 30 years?

If all civil rights issues have now been addressed, what motivates their heirs apparent – the dissident IRA – reported by Garda special branch "not to have gone away, you know"?


Lisburn, Co Antrim

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