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Sinn Fein wants respect, but only for its agenda

I see that, buoyed by their election successes, Sinn Fein has already forgotten its campaign message.

On the second day of talks, the party negotiators cut short a meeting with the Secretary of State, saying his contribution was "waffle".

Is this a first example of the respect that Sinn Fein want to see return to politics? If it is, it is already clear it will only be on their terms.

The party could start by showing some respect for the victims and families of those they murdered, bombed and maimed by formally apologising for their serial brutality and human rights violations.

Gerry Adams could also show some respect for the intelligence of people here by admitting his part in the IRA and taking some personal responsibility for their deeds.

Better these things than the usual waffle and excuses that emanate from Sinn Fein leaders when they are caught out.


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