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Sinn Fein whingeing is simply abhorrent


Is anyone else tired of Sinn Fein whingeing?

They brought down Stormont and have been hindering its reconstitution by their demands for things such as an Irish Language Act.

For whose benefit? Even the Dail conduct their business in English.

They whinge about "austerity cuts" and yet seek to inflict more demands on the public purse for no good reason.

They criticise the DUP, whose success in the recent Westminster election was achieved through purely democratic means.

The DUP has never been associated with a terrorist organisation and several of its ministers have direct experience of the murderous activities of the IRA, of which Sinn Fein is the political wing.

Is it any wonder that many decent people view Sinn Fein (aka Ourselves Alone) as a thoroughly reprehensible group, whose only interest seems to be acquiring power by any means and whose support for acts of terrorism was most recently demonstrated by their leader's endorsement of the would-be murderers foiled at Loughgall?

Barbara Reid

By email

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