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'Sinn Fein/IRA' repeating the same old lies

In a week which thrust the killing of children into the public eye in the evolving disaster that is Syria, there is the very apt backdrop of the IRA attempting to pretend they were never involved in the wanton murder of human beings.

The pretence and media support given to the comprehensible garbage from the weekend Sinn Fein/IRA conference is truly galling.

The same republican leadership was responsible for bombing the guts out of Northern Ireland and now laments the lack of investment in the private sector.

The global economic crisis at least has had some value, in that it has shown the complete and utter folly of any aspiration of a united Ireland; although I have raised before (and will raise again) the validity of the Republic joining the United Kingdom as an equal partner with its own devolved government and a participant in a pivotal nation of four (hopefully five) set against the doomed and bureaucratic EU.

The present circumstance of Ireland exposes the illogical argument for a united Ireland for what it is, contrary to the nonsense espoused by the IRA/Sinn Fein conference at the weekend.

Any hope of a viable economic strategy emanating from the mouths of cowardly, lying terrorists is as unlikely as the chances of Mr Adams, McGuinness and the rest of the IRA telling the truth to the long-suffering families of the Disappeared about where their kin were shamefully abandoned.


Comber, Co Down

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