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Sinn Fein's dilution of Agreement is a total disgrace

I AM sure no one, and not least the Deputy First Minister, wants to go down in history as the organ grinder's monkey and, for that reason, I found it astonishing that Martin McGuinness reversed Sinn Fein policy and announced without consultation of any kind that he would agree to shrinking the structures of the Assembly.

Obviously, Peter Robinson was over the Moon because once again he got nodding approval for diluting the infrastructure built around the Good Friday Agreement and he didn't even have to throw a tantrum to do it.

I have to seriously ask myself how close we are to resurrecting the old Stormont. Indeed, have we not surpassed it since the DUP got into the driving seat with Sinn Fein on the running board?

It is sad to see the work done by John Hume, Seamus Mallon and others unravelled at the whim of someone like Peter Robinson, who needs to understand that the structures put in place in 1998 are the absolute minimum that is acceptable to me.

Sadly, it seems both Robinson and McGuinness think they can do what they like without as much as the blink of an eye.


East Derry MLA

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